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I’m Lelyana Gammouh, Certified GAPS Coach.

Having lived through the GAPS diet for more than three years myself, where my son and I endeavoured on this experience together, I have achieved a deep understanding of the role of nutrition on our bodies and how crucial it is to maintain a healthy life style to regain and rebuild our bodies to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. 

How can I, as a GAPS coach, help you? I can guide you through the diet step by step with each stage. I can help you with your kitchen swipe, your grocery shopping guidance, how and where to shop for food. Tips on feeding, especially when children are involved. I can provide you with recipes and tips on how to adjust recipes to comply with GAPS standards. I can support you through the initial die off symptoms. As I do understand the amount of commitment and hard work involved first hand. 

I didn’t have any kind of support when I went through this journey, therefore, I understand how crucial it is to have someone to guide and support you. Its an honor for me now to offer such help for anyone willing to dive through this exciting journey towards health.